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End of the year, finally a brake on this very happy but busy 2015, a year full of accomplishments and a closing of a cycle.
After many years of hesitation into comeback and create music again EL ANGEL album is finished and all the 11 songs shared with you. Creating songs, recording and producing a record at the very end could mean nothing without the response of the most important part of music; the listeners and the fans, all these hundreds of individuals who care, listen, share and comment on the songs with no other interest than share the music they like. They give me the morning smile and the strength to keep on going.
We start this project posting some songs early this year with no fans and just a lot of hope and now we are consistently on the Top 10’s Instrumental & Alternative Music sometimes with more than one song at the same time.
El Angel album at;
Thank you to all of you that now listen to any one of my songs all day long at a rate of one listener almost every minute.
The picture on the top shows a part of our new project Sonic Architecture and I will start posting new songs for you very soon.
Have a peaceful and happy end of the year.

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