About El Magico


The music of El Magico, Hector Lopez, creates feels brand new and strangely familiar. The music he produces shows his musical intuition. The passion he feels for teaching and engaging people with music is inspiring. El Magico works hard every day sharing his music and talent with anyone who dares to listen and learn with him.

El Magico takes on the broad complexities of the universe in his music; space, time, temples, caves, planets, love, communication, understanding, hope, dreams, memories, past, present, and future. He says, “Music has the magic that can bring humanity together again.”

El Magico says his name was given to him buy an audience one day after he installed a special piece into his guitar and pulled from his bag of tricks to improve his performance, like a magician. He is a music composer, guitarist, and midi multi-instrumentalist. He enjoys every step of the process of creating a song; like an artisan working with his bare hands on the mud to elaborate artistic pottery, taking care of every single detail. With a background in architecture, El Magico brings a sense of structure into his music with layers of sounds moving and growing. Acknowledging the diversity in an artistic environment, El Magico integrates the amazing possibilities of technology into his music. He is not afraid to explore the unknown, either by using experimental sounds or digital devices and instruments. He says the most rewarding part of making music is the creative process and how sometimes a simple idea becomes a song and then someone listens and likes that song and that is worth all the effort.

Reflecting in the way he plays, creates, and teaches music, is the interplay between art and culture; profoundly experimental but particularly friendly to the audience. El Magico travels internationally and is constantly inspired by the diversity and humanity that makes up the beautiful world we live in. He takes notice of everything, but especially the feeling that one can have while standing somewhere special.

El Magico, with a deep sense of the benefits that music brings to life, is teaching others to discover their unique and distinctive skills. He founded The Rock Total School of music in 1998 and has since sent many students into the world of music creation and performance with confidence. His teaching style allows students to embrace their inner musician or discover their own musical intuition.

El Magico’s work as a producer shows his curiosity, versatility, and capacity to take music in surprising directions. As a producer he uses his knowledge and experience to build on what is given to him and make the music and the musician meet their full potential. He listens to the base track and pays attention to how the music moves. He then expands it, like building blocks, and opens it up to new movements and layers.

It is clear that El Magico is made of music. He lives and breathes each note and compilation, whether its his own, music he has worked on, or music coming from the instruments of his students. His music takes the listener through his imagination…sometimes moving slowly, sometimes chasing a shadow, sometimes basking in the light, marching, floating, and smiling. Of the many compliments paid to El Magico and his music, his favorite came from a fan that said, “I don’t understand your music, but its beautiful.”

Maybe it’s not for understanding but for love and beauty, both of which are subjective. Music heard not to escape into love and beauty but to be surrounded and fulfilled with the love and beauty in every day life. Each song tells a story, most of them overflowing with peace and light, but each one leaving room for individual interpretation. His music is like a dream, a vision, a smooth and chaotic story of love, magic, and hope. Pursue your dreams, love your neighbor, listen, stand up, connect, understand, take risks, and believe in yourself.

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