DREAM MASTER Neltemiktli

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It is time for a new song!

Dream Master is a man or woman of knowledge, someone who is able to control his/her dreams in order to connect with the universe.

Neltemiktli is an ancient Nahuatl word used for achieving a higher state of conciousness due to a continuous meditation and shamanisim’s practice.

I dedicate this song to my best friend and partner in life; Happy Birthday Vicky!

We are still on the top ten global charts at N1M in Instrumental and also Alternative Music, Big thanks to all of you! Michael Jordan said: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Enjoy a great October.

El Angel radio campaign is having great results and this month there are 5 more radio stations:

Dear El Magico, The good news just keeps coming in! We have been informed that your song ‘El Angel’ continued to receive an increasingly strong listener response in its latest month of heavy rotation on numerous radio stations. This is excellent news! Please click here to view your spin report, which now reflects a formidable level of spins throughout the world: http://www.TheAkademia.com/spinreports/ElMagico-ElAngel-7C6C.html But that’s not all that’s happened. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with various program directors from the AMP Radio Network. Simply put, they loved your song and have placed ‘El Angel’ in heavy rotation on the following five stations in their network, starting in September:

AMP Radio- Tampa, Florida USA www.amp-radio.com/tampa7

AMP Radio- Melbourne, Australia www.amp-radio.com/melbourne7

AMP Radio- Lima, Peru www.amp-radio.com/lima7

AMP Radio- Casablanca, Morocco www.amp-radio.com/casablanca7

AMP Radio- Alexandria, Egypt www.amp-radio.com/alexandria7

This is an excellent opportunity! Heavy rotation on five stations targeting diverse metropolitan areas will bring significant added exposure for your music. Congratulations on your continued success. We will continue to keep you updated on any news that we receive from the stations.

The Akademia

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