The Energy of Summer


Every year I tend to enjoy summer a little more; it is the festive and happy feeling of everything blooming and growing around you that energize everything you do.

Many things to celebrate this summer but first a big THANK YOU to all of you; Fans, Friends and Promoters for visualizing and make things as we are.

  1. We have pass the 630K listeners at N1M; and having more than 3 listeners to any of the songs every minute all day long.
  2. The songs; EL ANGEL, MONSOON CHARM and A CABIN ON THE MOON, are in the top 10 Global Instrumental music charts at N1M at the very same time also but, on the Global Alternative charts; LOVE IS and VIOLET SKIES also on the top 10’s
  3. On the global AKADEMIA radio campaign these are the great news:

Dear El Magico,

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘El Angel’ continued to receive an increasingly strong listener response in its latest month of heavy rotation on numerous stations. This is great news! But there’s more good news. We recently met with program directors from the Jam XR Radio Network and are pleased to inform you that they’ve placed your song ‘El Angel’ on five new stations, starting in July:

Jam XR Radio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Jam XR Radio Seattle, Washington USA

Jam XR Radio Moscow, Russia

Jam XR Radio Bangkok, Thailand

Jam XR Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil

This represents another big break for us. Radio play on five additional stations targeting diverse population centers across the world will reach a significant number of new listeners and expose your music to a wider audience. Please be sure to share these station links with your family, friends and fans.

Congratulations, again, on your success. We will continue to keep you updated on news as we receive it from the stations. As always, we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Kind regards,

The Akademia

More to come soon!

Please enjoy the rest of the summer.

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