Sonic Architecture


I have a recurrent dream about music becoming abstract paintings, notes becoming colors and colors becoming forms and concepts in harmonious perfection.

Sonic Architecture is about the idea that a building or a place can inspire songs.

What a magnificent temple in India , or Gaudi’s Cathedral or a Mayan Pyramid will sound in a song?

Hope you like these songs and discover the connection!

El Magico

Sonic Architecture album’s songs, you can listen some of them in N1M

  1. Closed Time Like Curves
  2. Monsoon Charm
  3. Interstellar Alignments
  4. Redemption Mantra
  5. Violet Skies
  6. Dream Master – Neltekmitli
  7. Cosmic Fuel
  8. Vimana Temples
  9. Comala Sunset
  10. Warrior Princess of Mars
  11. Hope & Faith
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