El Angel

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EL ANGEL is the perfect example of the changing of technology affecting our way to create music, I did finish that song couple of years ago but at the time there were not the programs and music software as today. And there you have; a nice song but without magic.

That song could never been as is without some amazing music product designers changing things almost every other day; Eventide, iZotope, Roland, Line 6, Godin are some of this guys and we never thought on them when we listen to music.

I am really trilled about the possibilities on the process of creating, crafting and distributing music; but much more to the incredible fact that we can communicate almost instantly and share ideas. The very last part of the equation is someone like you who likes something and have the liberty of express it and communicate to others and also (amazingly to talk direct with the guy who created it). It is a blessing to me to have listeners and fans like you.
Every time you buy a song you are helping an independent musician and not a big company to keep going on their dreams and to share them with you.

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